Disc-O-Bed Mosquito Net & Frame

Item #19810

Disc-O-Bed Mosquito Net & Frame

Envelop patients with a safety net against disease-carrying bugs.

A simple solution for a devastating problem: Mosquito nets are highly effective at reducing diseases such as malaria. The 8-section fiberglass frame together with the tightly woven netting offers not only strength, durability and flexibility but also all-around protection against mosquitoes, no-see-ums, flies and other disease-carrying insects.


  • Compatible with most Disc-O-Bed bunk or single cot configurations
  • Considerable height for top bunk comfort
  • Tethered so it stays put
  • Simply and quickly attaches directly to the bed end frame
  • Zippered opening to gain easy access to the cot system

The Disc-O-Bed Mosquito Net & Frame Specifications

Weight                                2.5lbs (1.5kg)
Outer Dimensions           82” (208cm) L x 32” (81cm) - 39.5” (100cm) W x 30” (76cm) - 34” (86cm) H
                                            (Varies according to system/cot being fitted).
Pack Dimensions             33” (84cm) L x 6” (15cm) W x 5” (13cm) H


  • Black, 8 tethered fiberglass sectional frame
  • Tightly woven netting
  • Drawstring stuff sack