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Extreme Sleep Solutions
Disc-O-BedTM's patented ready-to-go Disc-Bed system delivers a good night's sleep for the extremes of real life. Designed for the demands of disaster relief, troop deployment, outdoor enthusiasts and in-home users alike, the Disc-Bed ensures you rest comfortably wherever space is at a premium. Learn how Disc-O-BedTM goes to the extreme for you
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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep under extreme conditions. Whether you’re trying to sleep more campers per tent on your next outdoor adventure, preparing for the next natural disaster or deploying troops across the globe, you can depend on the Disc-Bed’s patented disc system for sleep solutions that are…
  • Extremely Ready - Transportable, neat and compact, quick to assemble and easy to dismantle - no tools required
  • Extremely Bunkable – Made to stack when space is at a premium
  • Extremely Strong – Steel construction with a patented disc system make it robust and sturdy with a weight tolerance far exceeding traditional cots
  • Extremely Adaptable – Superior modular design accommodates uneven terrain and is easily customized and, enhanced with accessories
  • Extremely Hygienic – No mattress required, the Polyester mat is strong, quick drying, resistant to stretching, wrinkle and mildew resistant and easily washable
  • Extremely Tried & Tested – Proud supplier to the U.S. Military, German Red Cross, Cabela’s, US AID, Spanish Military, Canadian Military, Costco Canada and a number of Emergency response groups around the world
  • Extremely Service-minded – Disc-O-BedTM is a company based on a history of customizing their product for extreme needs and rapidly deploying with a sense of urgency
  • Extremely Modular - Supplying spare or lost parts on an open-stock basis without having to purchase the entire cot system each time
  • Extremely Comfortable – Engineered to alleviate the central crossbar found in traditional cot designs


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Announcing Kid-O-Bunk

Announcing Kid-O-Bunk
The Portable Sleep Solution for Kids

This Kid-friendly, bunkable sleep solution provides no-tool, easy-assemble cot systems for any home, vacation or travel situation and is now available at www.kidobunk.com.

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Cam-O-Bunk™ with Realtree Xtra® is now Available!

Cam-O-Bunk™ with Realtree Xtra® is now Available!
Make yourself heard but not seen with the new Cam-O-Bunk™ XL with Realtree Xtra® - the Portable Bunk

We have teamed up with Realtree® making this great Portable Bunk even cooler!

Realtree Bunk Bed
Disc-O-Bed™ Plays Critical Role!

Disc-O-Bed™ Plays Critical Role!
Providing Sturdy, Comfortable Beds In German Refugee Crisis

Disc-O-Bed has been a very important part in making the most of the limited available space. More than 36,000 of our portable beds, including the relief bunk and the disc-bed, are being used in the refugee shelters throughout Germany.

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Quick and easy Assembly

Quick and easy Assembly
Check out how simple it is to assemble the Cam-O-Bunk.

All Disc-Bed cot systems are assembled the same.

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Where sleep matters … read what others have to say after having slept with us…… visit www.cabelas.com

The mobility of the product is of great interest to us as we need to pack up and redirect our needs in a short time frame. Space is always a problem in these types of relief efforts and the Disc-Bed allows us to basically double up on our sleeping requirements. We are 100% satisfied with the Disc-Bed and its accessories and we strongly recommend it to all disaster organizations. We have not needed to reconfigure the design or change attributes to the bed as we have had no failure or breakages on the product.

Pöpperl (City of Krefeld)
Fire Department and Civil Defense

We view the product design and manufacture of the bed with special reference to safety and durability in high regard. The stability and comfort of the bed/bunk has given our clients the satisfaction they were looking for. We have found 0% return rate on this product which obviously gives us great satisfaction.

Constantin Safta (Manager)
General Conf Grup

The bunk bed is used extensively in disaster relief, evacuation of the homeless. In all these type disasters a rugged and durable product is needed due to the distances needed to travel as well as the conditions that they are used in. The Disc-Bed has proved that it is worthy to be in our range of relief products. It has been reported by many that have used and assembled the beds how easy and efficient the product is to handle. The durability of the bed is most impressive and we have been able to minimize replacing beds and thus overall costs.

Bernd Pache (Executive Secretary)
German Red Cross Krefeld

First I need to apologize for not emailing before now. Life with 8 kids gets a little hectic! I would like to thank you so much for making sure we received the Disc-O-Bed bunk bed we needed. They arrived just in time for our Easter camping trip. We had to take turns on who got to sleep on the top bunk! You have a great product but the service I received was even better. I feel you went above and beyond any other company I have ever ordered online from!  We love our cots and recommend them to all who inquire about them. 

The Alvord Family (Consumer)
Avid Tent Campers

When I read the first sentence of the description, “Specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast in mind – where space is minimal and your aim is to sleep maximum campers.” I thought, Umm, hello?!!
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Susi Kellogg
Mother of 12 RV’ing around the USA
Kellog Show

Specific to Disc-Bed’s their service use was in excess of 600,000 collective nights over a 18 month calendar period with no failures. Our load use ranged from 80lbs to in excess of 350lbs. Phenomenal product, phenomenal design, user friendly, durable.

Bob Duff (Executive Director)
St. Simon’s Shelter

I few years ago I was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan. While I was deployed I slept on one of your portable bunk bed cots and even had one of your footlockers (tan in color). I just wanted to say thank you for making such an outstanding product. I've had to lay my head down is some interesting places, but I remember your portable bunk bed cot as one of my most comfortable.

CPT Bryant

I direct an adventure style youth camp for kids age 8-18 in a remote campground location in central Montana. Each year, our volunteer staff sets the camp up: from kitchen to camper dormitories and everything in-between. We tried several different beds and cots – even having kids sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags during our first years. We needed something portable, sturdy and safe for a child or an adult to sleep on. Ultimately, we found the best option for us were the bunks we purchased from Disc O Bed. The beds are very sturdy for both adults and children, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, they store well and the Disc-O-Bed customer service has been fantastic. It’s an excellent bed provided by a great company.

Tobe Johnson (Director)
SEP Montana Youth Camp

We use the bed extensively in field hospital situations as well as tent/camp housing. The Disc-Bed has passed successfully, all related testing for the safety of the occupants this includes durability and comfort. Over time we have found the transportability of the product most beneficial as all our products including our tents are packed in kit format.

P. Prevost (Manager)
Utilis S.A.S.

The relief bed ended up fitting real well in the truck tent that we have (6 and a 1/2 ft. truck bed). I was happy to see that we were able to still keep it to one side of the truck bed leaving the other side open for more room, a great alternative to the air mattresses that are usually used which take up all the floor space. We are truly satisfied with the quality, ease of set-up, and the space saving benefits of the Disc-O-Bed. Also I am so glad that I found your site, hopefully the tens of thousands of others who enjoy a quick and convenient get away with their truck tents can benefit from it as well. The 28" width of the bed and low profile definitely contributed to the made-for-it look.

John Taylor (Consumer)
Truck Tent Camper

I would like to give my complements on the design of this bed.  It is very comfortable, easy to assemble, bunkable, and packs with an equivalent weight per cot as other cots I have investigated in my search for the "perfect cot".  I am very happy with this cot (so much so, I bought two sets!) and find it superior in every way to any other cot I have come across.  Your customer service is right in line with the cot design and is just the icing on the cake.  Very good job in all I've observed so far; my compliments.

Truman Breithaupt (Consumer)
Another happy camper

Our relief workers also confirm that the Disc-Bed is well suited for refugee camps because of its lightweight portability and takes up minimal space when not in use in the warehouse. Both male and female disaster emergency helpers but also laymen, after a brief initial demonstration, are able to assemble and dismantle the Disc-Bed in a few seconds.

Wilfried Rheinfelder
German Red Cross