We didn’t invent sleeping under the stars. We just made it extremely comfortable. For your next camping adventure, we have your back.

At Home

Quick – company’s coming. We’ll show you how to create extra sleeping space so you can welcome them all with open arms.


Moving thousands of troops quickly has plenty of logistical challenges. Deciding how to sleep them efficiently and effectively doesn’t have to be one of them.


Little or no warning. Record numbers. Rapid response. Answer the call with bunkable sleep solutions that are prepared for the unexpected.


  • Photo Credit: Jules Davies - @julesville_

Adventure Gear for any Camp Site: Disc-O-Bed’s Versatile Bunk Beds

Camping just got more comfortable with Disc-O-Bed and its modular disc bed system. Whether camping with your car or on an epic kayaking excursion, you can rely on the support of Disc-O-Bed to help you rest up for your next adventure. The Disc-O-Bed can be bunked in a tent to save space or added to an RV for an extra sleeping option. Or set one up outside for that perfect night of sleeping under the stars.

The Whole Family

With Disc-O-Bed You get to Invite The Whole Family

No spare bedroom in your apartment or house? Downsizing? Now, lack of room doesn’t have to mean a lack of visitors. For holidays, sleepovers and any time, Disc-O-Bed helps you turn any space into an impromptu guest room. And, not just room for one bed but two. Because they’re bunkable, you instantly have 2x the sleeping accommodations – so great when you have more guests than space.

Military Approved.

The Battled-Hardened Disc-O-Bed. One Bunk Cot for all Missions.

The old saying “Well Rested – Well Tested” still holds true when it comes to troop morale. Without adequate sleep, quality is impaired and stress levels rise. That’s why Disc-O-Bed provides the ultimate rest and comfort with back-supporting, durable polyester cots. Rugged steel construction is paired with an innovative modular disc system for the ultimate in strength under pressure.

Emergency Relief.

Shelters, EMA & Preparedness. Disc-O-Bed is Ready to go at a Moment’s Notice

We know space is at a premium, both when shipping to your area of need and in your shelter. Disc-O-Bed’s lightweight, completely collapsible design means our cots ship virtually flat to fit more per container. They’re also bunkable to maximise shelter space, so you can keep families together and help even more people in need.