This list has been carefully outlined to help answer any questions you may have regarding any of our adult bunkable cot systems. Should you have any questions regarding our children’s bunk namely the Kid-O-Bunk®, please contact us.
Should your question not be answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to clean the Disc-O-Bed®?
Do you need a ladder to get onto the top bunk?
Are you able to roll off the cot?
Are single parts of the Disc-O-Bed® available should I misplace or lose one of them?
Is the Disc-O-Bed® guaranteed?
Is there an age restriction in using the Disc-O-Bed®?
Can you sleep two adults on one cot?
Does the Disc-O-Bed® come with an assembly instruction?
Can you go hiking with your Disc-O-Bed®?
Can you assemble the Disc-O-Bed® by yourself?
Does the Disc-O-Bed® have a center beam like most other cots on the market today?
Does the Disc-O-Bed® require a mattress?
Does the Disc-O-Bed® have a maximum weight capacity?
How do I know that the Disc-O-Bed® truly is as strong as you say it is?
Can you triple stack the Disc-O-Bed®?
What accessories are available for the Disc-O-Bed®?
Is Disc-O-Bed® available in any other colors or sizes?
Is Disc-O-Bed® available in a children version?
Will the bed end frame of the Disc-O-Bed® damage my wooden floor?
What is the size and weight of each single Disc-O-Bed® in a carry bag?
Can I register the warranty of my Disc-O-Bed®?
What is a "Proposition 65" warning?