Disc-O-Bed Foot Pads

Item #19847N

Foot Pad accessory shown on Disc-O-Bed XL.

Foot Pad accessory shown on Kid-O-Bunk teal.

Disc-O-Bed Foot Pads

Puts everyone on equal footing.

Like the bottom of your favorite athletic shoes, our soft foot pads provide great grip while protecting hardwood floors from any potential scratches. Also ideal for helping you to feel more secure on uneven floors or carpet. With a quick clip on and off design, these pads fit the four rounded ends of your Disc-O-Bed frame.


  • Adds stability and evenly distributes weight
  • Rubberized polymer won’t damage floors
  • Textured finish prevents sliding
  • Store in the Disc-O-Bed cot system carry bag for safekeeping
  • Compatible with all Disc-O-Bed systems and the Kid-O-Bunk

The Disc-O-Bed Foot Pad Specifications

Weight (set of 4)              0.7kg
Single Dimensions          10cm L x 10cm W x 4cm H
Pack Dimensions             22cm L x 13cm W x 6cm H


  • Black, rubberized polymer


    • Set of 4