The Battled-Hardened Disc-O-Bed. One Bunk Bed for all Missions.

Warrior Ready
The old saying “Well Rested – Well Tested” still holds true when it comes to troop morale. Without adequate sleep, quality is impaired and stress levels rise. That’s why Disc-O-Bed provides the ultimate rest and comfort with back-supporting, durable polyester beds. Rugged steel construction is paired with an innovative modular disc system for the ultimate in strength under pressure.

The patented design compensates for rough field conditions with legs that won’t sink into uneven ground or damage floors. And, because mobility is key when establishing an outpost, quick setup and take down is assured with no need for tools.

Virtually Indestructible
Our durability is unmatched. Even in the most extreme conditions, Disc-O-Bed is built to last with its rust-resistant steel frame. In fact, you may never need to replace your Disc-O-Bed. But should you ever lose or want to replace a part, you can, without having to replace the entire bed.

Designed with Savings in Mind
Disc-O-Bed’s bunkable design saves space by letting you house more troops in a smaller operating base. That saves you in other ways, too. Less space equals less energy spent on heating, cooling and electricity.

We also help you save on shipping: Disc-O-Bed’s lightweight, collapsible design ships virtually flat so you get more per container.