Shelters, EMA & Preparedness. Disc-O-Bed is Ready to go at a Moment’s Notice


We know space is at a premium, both when shipping to your area of need and in your shelter. Disc-O-Bed’s lightweight, completely collapsible design means our beds ship virtually flat to fit more per container. They’re also bunkable to maximise shelter space, so you can keep families together and help even more people in need.

Comfort Mobility

In an emergency situation, you need a product that works just as hard as you do. Disc-O-Bed is a portable, comfortable sleep solution engineered to handle the demands of group shelter. It’s also flexible enough to adapt to your needs. Stack Disc-O-Bed beds as bunks to house even more people. Each sleeping deck holds up to 227 kg, without requiring a mid-beam for support. Then, convert them into bench-type seating, with backrests, during the day to make your space feel less like a warehouse and more “livable”. Our beds also stand 41 cm off the ground to provide plenty of room underneath for personal storage.

Easy Set-Up

In a crisis, it’s all hands on deck. Response time is critical. You need a product that’s convenient for everyone to use – and easy enough for any volunteer to put together without having to search for the proper tools. Disc-O-Bed’s user-friendly design features a simple, no-tool assembly for quick set-up. And it’s just as simple to take apart and store.